LET GO of Anxiety, Fear & Worries: A GUIDED MEDITATION ➤ Harmony, Inner Peace & Emotional Healing

A guided meditation: LET GO of anxiety, fear and worries, and open up to Harmony, Inner Peace and Healing. Does worrying drain your energy and take away your ability to be present and truly enjoy life? Do you want to stop the fear, the stress or anxiety that can build up from negative thinking? Imagine letting go of 50% of your worries and fears? How good would you feel? Imagine letting go of 80% of them? What would you appreciate the most about that kind of freedom? Allow yourself to LET GO in a safe and natural way – Heal and Transform energy that does not serve you anymore. Like a tree in autumn lets go of the leafs naturally, effortlessly and inevitably…

1 litre of water per 20 kg

I read that you should drink 1 liter of water per day per 20 kg of body weight. So, for example at 80 kg 4 liters daily! The thirst comes with time by itself. I only drink tap water. Take 1 teaspoon of sea salt plus 3 grams of vitamin C / ascorbic acid dissolved in 2 liters of water every morning. Sea salt consists of 84 elements including many trace elements! Vitamin C can not be produced by humans, it must be fed daily, just like the sea salt. You will be amazed in a short time (after 4-5 days) about the positive effect on body and psyche, for me it was like that!